3rd March 2019

I DREAM ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD EVERY DAY! I dream about a world where love and respects come before money. I dream about a world where each and every individual has an equal right to learn and grow. A world where everyone has enough food to eat and shelter to stay. I dream for a world where a person is judged by his heart and not by his looks, size of pocket or the clothes he wears. A world where the family still comes first before anything else. A world where friendship is still pure and forever. A  world where a person connects with a person and not with the gadgets. I dream about a world where we can sit with someone and talk out our heart than running behind the unrealistic and materialistic things. A world where is no race and racists in humanity and where no honor killing exists. A world where a person can love another person without worrying about his caste and background. I am sure that I would never find a world that I dream about every time but what I believe is someday somewhere someone will have the same thoughts as me and the chain continues.


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